Some Books by Sadhu T.L. Vaswani

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Above are just some of the books written by Sadhu T.L. Vaswani.
Below is a more comprehensive list:

Krishna's Flute
The Ancient Murli
My Master
The Divine Spark
Religion and Culture
Wisdom of the Rishis
Diary of a Disciple
The Vision of India
Atmagnan or Life in the Spirit
The Secret of Asia
A Pilgrim's Faith
Thus Have I Learnt
Builders of Tomorrow
My Motherland
Apostles of Freedom
Spirit of Hindu Culture
Bodhi Dharma
Youth and the Coming Renaissance
In the Sikh Sanctuary
Quest (Poems)
Youth and the Nation
Witness of the Ancient
Awake! Young India!
The Aryan Ideal
Message of the Birds
Desert Voices
India's Adventure
Krishna: Stories and Parables
Gita: Meditations
A Prophet of the People
The Face of the Buddha
In the Footsteps of the Buddha
Saint Mira
All Life is Sacred
Rishi Dayanand
Tukaram: Poet and Prophet
Heart-Beats (Poems)
Gita: A Bible of Humanity
The Voice of the Voiceless Ones
The Rishi
Kindle the Light
The Heart of the Gita
Gandhi: The Man of the Ages
The Life Beautiful
The Bhagavad Gita: The Song of Life The Temple with the Golden Dome and Other Stories
The Gita: A World Scripture
Guru Nanak: Prophet of Peace
Masters and Mystics
The Prophet of Arabia
Heroes of History
The Call of Mira Education
Little Flowers
Sind And The Sindhis
The Voice of Vaswani
O, Lord of Love (Poems)
Golden Gleanings
God Give Us Men
The Call of New Education
Krishna: The Saviour
The Bhagavad Gita: The Song of the Supreme
Pilgrimage to God
The Babe of Brindaban and Other Stories
Lights from Many Lanterns
Discover yourself!
Breakfast with God: (A Book of Daily Reading)
What is Yoga and Other Talks
The Way of Service
Thus Spake Sadhu Vaswani
The Heart of the Gita
The Great-Souled Gandhi
Awakeners of Humanity
Message of the Birds
The Boy in Quest of God and Other Stories
Dear Friend
Gita: An Outline
Gautama, The Buddha
Gates of The New Life
I Have a Friend
O Ye That Are Young!
Stories That Stir
The Soul of Sindhi Literature
The Beloved of My Native Land
Why India Lives
Guru Nanak: A Child of Light
Kagawa: Gandhi of Japan
Leader to the Great Future
My Krishna and Other Poems
Sri Rama: Beloved of Aryavarta
Whither Indian Education?